Landscape Within Couchtisch von Wiktoria Szawiel

For the Landscapes Within collection, Wiktoria Szawiel recalled images of space, light, and atmosphere to capture the ephemeral qualities of landscape in physical objects. An existing structure of a wicker is reinforced with resin, then cut and sanded afterwards. Without that, the structure would just fall apart. By combining resin with wicker Szawiel reveals an inner pattern that would not otherwise be seen. It is a dialogue between opposite qualities, which—during the working process—become beautifully complementary. Szawiel is a Polish designer born in Minsk. A graduate of the Design Academy Eindhoven, she currently divides her time between Warsaw and Lisbon. Her Landscapes Within project was nominated for both the Gijs Bakker Award and the Keep an Eye Grant and won AD Design Award in Arts&Crafts Category.
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