SMART ONE [v1] Kleiderschrank von Andreas Radlinger

The SMART ONE [v1] is a smarter wardrobe and is the pendulum® version, comprising four shelves, a clothing rail, and a free-hanging mirror. The mirror measures 80 cm in height and 30 cm in width and is free-hanging, fixed on a birch wood frame, and mountable in between the racks. The clothing rail is made from solid birch as standard, that is oiled bright and also free-hanging. It measures 70 cm in length and is height-adjustable. The shelves are made of solid oiled birch (standard) and have drilled holes at 5 cm distance from each other. The four shelves have the following measurements: - 1st 110 x 30 cm - 2nd 50 x 30 cm - 3rd 50 x 30 cm - 4th 80 x 30 cm The ropes are pre-knotted by hand, also with a 5 cm distance, and very robust. They are designed to pull them through any drilled holes as desired. The customer can pick one of three rope colors: black, white or silver-grey. The shelf-holders in stainless steel (standard) or copper (at 30 € extra charge) are clamped on top of a knot so as to place a shelf or other element on it. The anchor plates in stainless steel (standard) or in copper (at 30 € extra charge) are simply hung on the wall-hook. The ropes will be suspended from the anchor plates. Please get in touch with the Pamono team to let us know which color and material you would like to purchase. All components of the pendulum shelf series can be arranged to create numberless other configurations with it, according to individual liking or lifestyle.
556.00 EUR

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