Le Notre Sideboard von Pedro Teixeira für Alma de Luce

With the Le Notre sideboard, Alma de Luce introduces the viewer to the splendor and exuberance of French Baroque. Clad in woven fabric and walnut, the sideboard features a unique texture, an essence of sophistication and power, unique for a dazzling interior. It was in the middle of the 17th century that André Le Nôtre; a landscape architect, turned the vision of King Louis XIV, the Sun King, into a reality through the formal gardening style known as the French Garden that he himself had created. Inspired by the geometry of classicist projects with their perfect symmetry, he demonstrated in well-defined beds, shrubs trimmed in arabesques (topiary), flowers, and foliage in pots, man´s ceaseless attempts to dominate nature. This approach was subsequently made famous by the gardens at the Palace of Versailles and the Tuileries Garden. This piece was designed in 2018.
9 999.99 EUR

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